GINA team at Polar Hackathon
Posted 13 days ago

This week GINA team members are at Stony Brook University attending the RCN Polar Cyber Infrastructure Hackathon. Twenty attendees from national and international universities represent a variety of backgrounds and projects. Representing UAF are GINA’s technical services lead Dayne Broderson, GINA research programmer Jiang Zhu, and GINA project manager Vanessa Raymond.

For this Hackathon the team is working to create a Docker container for running Jiang’s EMODIS NDVI code on high throughput computing (HTC) using Open Science Grid. Jiang created this code for the National Park Service for annual analysis of landscape vegetation change. By using containers and HTC, the team hopes to create an efficient and cost-effective method of processing and storing this large dataset.

View our progress here:


Jiang Zhu and Dayne Broderson discussing our new approach for the hackathon


Day two: Training! Still life of training session after lunch.


Day three: Dayne Broderson  presenting on our work in progress of creating and running a simple Docker container.